The Outbuildings

The house has a group of outbuildings to the rear, these comprise a woodshed, and a workshop together with a separate cottage which we understand has been used to keep chickens.

The cottage has two upper rooms which are accessible from the back of the cottage through separate doors.

Both the workshop and the wood shed need some work to be done on their coregated iron roofs. It is likely we will continue to use these two spaces for their current purpose.

The Cottage

There is a cottage in the garden to the rear of the house.  The ground floor is accessible from the front. The upstairs rooms are accessible from the rear (the grass path at the rear is sloped and also gives access to the road at the rear)


Cottage Back Door

The rear door giving access to the upper floor of the cottage has a certain character to it.

Cottage Back Door

Cottage Junk

The upper floor of the cottage currently contains a selection of junk, some of which looks quite interesting.  We expect this to be cleared prior to us taking possession, however some of the bits could be interesting.


The Workshop

The workshop looks like a useful space, we have not been able to gain access to this or the ground floor of the cottage as the owner could not find the keys.  The workshop is secured with a large padlock so could be easily opened by application of my angle grinder, the (old) cottage door is a different story.

The Workshop

The woodshed

The woodshed is quiet useful, especially given the wood fires in the house!