The Journey

Our relationship with The House has already been an exciting one. It has taken us four years to find The House and to agree to buy. Our Journey is recorded here as a reminder to ourselves and to share with others.

Aside from the house search, the journey became a fun way to get to know more of Switzerland, helping us to learn about our country a bit more. An adventure we have both enjoyed. 

Ponto Valentino, Ticino.

6th December 2019

We returned to Ponto Valentino to take a second look, measure the rooms and take many more photographs. During the visit we discussed more detail and made it clear that we want to buy the house. Shortly after the visit we made an offer for the house and reached a point where all parties are happy.


Zürcher Kantonalbank, Wädenswil.

24th October 2019

We visited our bank to discuss mortgage possibilities and, having gone through our situation the bank agreed in principle to finance 75% of the cost of the house so "only" 25% left to find.  As we both have small pension funds we can surrender we are close to having the money to buy, so we can realistically make an offer.


Ponto Valentino, Ticino.

16th October 2019

Back to Ponto Valentino viewing a large 1895 house with 8.5 rooms and 250m2 of interior space, four cellars and a decent garden, a palm tree and views to die for.  Whilst walking around the house we reached the "another bloody room" point we knew it is the place. Over our target budget, this is clearly The House!

House Front.jpg

Linescio, Ticino.

15th October 2019

Linescio is a small village 30km NW of Locarno. We visited a quaint property in there and despite torrential rain we arrived at a house with monumental views. Fully restored it would have been a great buy, however, access was via a track that a mountain goat would have found challenging! Sadly, not for us.


Chironico, Ticino.

15th October 2019

This Chironico house is delightful.  Small but in good condition and affordable too.  On the down side, the ceilings are so low so I envisioned myself banging my head on the beams on a regular basis. Luca would have no hope at all!

2019-10-15 Chironico.png

Ponto Tresa, Ticino.

31st August 2019

Ponto Tresa is on the Swiss side of the Italian border. The house has real potential however, parking is an issue and the large garden to the rear is very steep so has limited potential.  Also, some renovation had happened but much was not to our liking so would need to be redone.


Castro, Ticino.

26th July 2019

Castro is close to Ponto Valentino in the Blenio valley. We found two houses in the same area which looked to have potential albeit at a higher price. We arranged to view both. Having travelled some distance to view the properties we were disappointed that the agent didn't show up. Both houses can be seen in the photograph.

Casrtro Houses.png

Ponto Valentino - Offer.

April 2019

After giving the property some though we decided that, if we could get the price low enough we could park a caravan in the garden and use this as a base.  We made an offer, agreed a price but discussions went sour so we decided to walk away. This would have been a very optimistic purchase.

6724 Ponto Valentino 1.jpg

Ponto Valentino, Ticino.

September 2018

Back in Ponto Valentino for an arranged viewing of the house on Carrale Samacorte.  Whilst we liked the house a lot, it needed a huge amount of work.  The main issue was that, not only did the property not have a bathroom but it didn't have a room to put a bathroom in. One wonders how people lived in the past?

6724 Ponto Valentino 1.jpg

Ponto Valentino, Ticino.

August 2018

We visited Ponto Valentino to try to find a house we had seen online.  We didn't find it but we did really like the Ponto Valentino, Aquila, Torre area.  The picture is the church in Ponto Valentino. We also discovered that there was a chocolate factory (Cima Norma) in the neighbouring village of Torre.

PV Church.jpg

Isenthal, Uri.

February 2018

We started our quest by visiting a property in Isenthal, Kanton Uri. The house is very pretty from the outside but is inaccessible.  There is also nowhere to park anywhere near the building, let alone space for two cars so we moved on without a formal viewing.

The Initial Search.

2015 and 2016

During a period of illness Pete spent time looking for renovation properties online. A vacation home has been on the radar for sometime.  With the prospect of not being able to afford to retire in Kanton Zürich the prospect of finding an affordable property which we could own outright has a certain appeal. He found houses in both in Italy and Switzerland.