The House

The House was built in 1895 by <TBD>, that is eight years before Orville and Wilbur Wright's first "controlled and sustained flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft" and thirteen years before Henry Ford started production of the Model-T!

Clearly, based on its size and position it was no doubt a "hight status" building in the village.

Previous owners:


According to the graphic on the outside of The House the building was renovated in 1936.


At the time we bought The House it was split into two halves, each occupied by a different part of the same family (each interior room has its own room number and a separate lock).  2020 will see it returned to a single house.

The House will go through a room-by-room interior renovation, progressing as funds become available.  We will start with the largest of the two kitchens to make this into a usable working base and then expand our works as we go.

The 2019 status quo and initial thinking about the renovation is captured on this page of the site. Progress will be captured on the "The House to The B&B" blogging page.

The intention is that a future Bed and Breakfast business will generate retirement income for Pete and Emma.