The Ground Floor
The First Kitchen

The first kitchen is by far the most serviceable room in the house. It was used as a kitchen and living room so we expect to use as a place to "camp out" in the early days of our renovation.  It will eventually be completely reworked once more of the house is habitable.

Ultimately we envisage the main kitchen becoming a semi professional kitchen suitable for supporting light commercial use when we get into Bed and Breakfast mode.  This will need a large cooker and fridge freezer together with a dishwasher that actually washes dishes.  Any suggestions about the latter would be greatly appreciated.

The Kitchen!

The kitchen area has a very old stove (more on that below) together with a fridge a sink and some kitchen units.  Functional but not to our taste, however, this is a much better start than was offered by some of the properties we have viewed.

As we are planning to use the property as a B&B the new kitchen will be somewhere between a domestic kitchen and a commercial one.

First Kitchen

Kitchen Seating

The house will be cleared before we take possession so we expect the table and chairs in the photograph to go, however, as the bench seating is fixed we expect  this will stay, at least in the short term.  In the medium term this will probably move to the  other kitchen.

Kitchen corner

View from the Kitchen

The view from the kitchen is quite exceptional.  It would be nice to adjust the layout of the room so this is visible whilst cooking.  The window sills are quite low so we will have to see.

Kitchen View

Old Cooker

This old cooker is currently installed in the kitchen.  It won't stay for long but I do want to try using it.  It may find it's way into another part of the house as a piece of furniture.

Selina Cooker

Wood Fired Stove

On opening the door on the front of the cooker it became obvious that it is wood fired.  With my pyromaniac tendencies this must be worth a try.  Perhaps we will ultimately relocate this to the attic as a form of heating and for cooking snacks?

Wood Fired Selina

Fire Place

The living area at the other end of the kitchen has an open fire which looks serviceable. It is a bit dated but not so bad. In the short term this end of the room will probably be fitted with a sofa bed and will become our sleeping / living area. A bit primitive but much better than the caravan in the garden option which would have been required with some of the other properties we viewed,

Fire Place
The Hallway

The Hallway splits the ground floor with the front door at one end and the stairs to both the upper floors and the cellar at the other. The back door is half a floor up on the same level as one of the bathrooms.

The Front Door

The front doors is hard wood and clearly has some age to it.  In particular the hinges are certainly the type you don't see on modern properties.  The inside of the doors have been painted grey.  I am very tempted to remove this paint and see what is beneath.

Front Door

The Lower Stairs

All of the stairs in the house are made of stone.  Other than cleaning there is little we will be able to do with them.

The banistair's are wrought iron.  The lower stairs have brass knobs which are quite elegant. We might need to add these to the upper floors.

It is tempting to galvanise the iron work and perhaps add a wooden handrail too.

Stair Bannister

The Back Door

The back door is between two floors and is again hard wood.  It will need some repair but we will try to keep this looking as original as possible.

Back Door
The (other) Kitchen

The second kitchen is slightly smaller than the first. It also has an open (or to be opened) fire.  The room as tiled walls but these tiles need to go.  I guess we will need to plaster the walls once the tiles have gone. We envisage this becoming a room for socialising, gatherings with friends for drinks and snacks and perhaps board games. 

The (other) Kitchen

The sink in this room is pretty disgusting so is an early candidate for the skip. This will leave us with a water source in the corner of the room. This invites the installation of a water fountain, perhaps with on tap sparkling water (one of my more healthy vices).

The floor tiles in the room seem to be old stone so it will be interesting to see how they clean up. If they look okay then fresh grout should make it look pretty good.

Kitchen Floor


The appliances in this kitchen are pretty dire!  The white oven thing is much less interesting than the one in the other kitchen, the grey (Sursee) stove might warrant some exploration.  Again, this is something that will probably be relocated to elsewhere in the house.

Sursee Cooker

The Fireplace

This room clearly needs considerable work!  The chimney from the cooker will need to be removed as will the vent in the chimney breast.  We would like to open the fire up so it can be used.  The whole thing needs a good clean and paint.  The intention is to bring it back into use.

Social Room Fire Place

Shuttered Windows

This room has two south facing windows, both with shutters on the inside so has potential to be bright and sunny during the day and closed and cozy by night.

Social Room Shutters
Grohe K7 Einhand Spültischbatterie, 1/2″
Some of our December 2019 ideas

We like the idea of having a Belfast Sink, perhaps like the granite one below. We also like the kitchen tap shown. An American style fridge would be a good buy with light catering in mind, I also like the idea of getting one in stainless steel. Perhaps the LG Foodcenter GSJ961NEAZ shown below?

Granite Belfast Sink