The house has stone steps down to four cellar rooms. One is ready for wine storage and another is currently being used to mature cheese.  There is some lighting in the basement but that needs to be improved.


We are undecided about how we will make use of much of this space (apart from the obvious wine storage) but this is not a priority at the moment)

The Cellars

Stairs to the Cellars

The stairs down to the cellars are of solid stone construction and appear to be in good condition.

Stairs to Cellars

Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is pretty much ready for use. Some old wooden shelves will probably become firewood and some substantial wine racks will need to be added, probably the ones from our cellar in Wädenswil.

The floor is covered with coarse gravel which I understand is fine for wine storage.

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Door

The door to the wine cellar is wood and looks quite tired. I expect we will probably replace this with a lockable wrought iron gate but this is not a priority.

Wine Cellar Door

Cheese Cellar

One of the larger cellar areas is currently used for storing cheese (which is made by the current owner).  Currently we have no idea how this will be used but I am sure we will think of something in due course.

Cheese Cellar


There is a boiler located in the cheese cellar, it may be prudent to relocate this depending on our overall hot water / heating plan for the house (which is currently undefined). 

Rear Cellar Door

Towards the back of the cellar (the front of the house) there is a further door to a small room and on to a larger "rear cellar". Again, we currently don't have a plan for this room yet. 

Rear Cellar

This room is currently used as a workshop.  There is a bricked up archway which could be opened to extend the wine cellar or enable it's reuse for something else.  Again, we are undecided about this.