The Property

The property comprises the main house, a row of outbuildings and two parcels of land. The layout is shown in the graphic below.

The blue square is the main house, the red shape is a row of outbuildings that is part of the property.  The grey area bounded by the blue line is garden. The green triangle is also part of the property and will probably be used to grow fruit and vegetables at least initially.  The plot containing the green "?" is not part of the property, it is owned by the next door neighbour and is not currently used so could be a future acquisition.

There is currently no parking space at the property so we will need to be creative either with part of the garden or with the green area.

The building marked with the blue cross is a the Orartario di Santa Maria Assunta that dates back to 1663 (at least).

The road to the rear of the building going past the church is Via Giuseppe Martinoli, the road to the front is Via Traversa.  Monsignor Giuseppe Martinoli was born in Marolta (further up the hill) on 28th February 1903 and ordained Bishop of Lugano on the 15th September 1968.

Plot Layout Colour.jpg

We are keen to learn more about the history of the property and will share it here when we do.