The Attic

The attic is accessible via a stone staircase.  We will add a handrail to make access easier.It is a large space which we see being used for home cinema and entertainment and perhaps a small office.  This will need some planning in the early part of the works to ensure we have power and a wired internet connection available.


The electricity supply enters the house in the attic so it might be useful to move the meters and fuse box upstairs.  We may want to install solar panels on the roof so making provision for whatever technology is required for this would also be prudent as part of the overall plan. We have much to learn about solar technology (including storage of power so this needs to be factored in at an early stage too).

The roof is new but not insulated so this will be a priority, We expect to be able to do this work ourselves using glass fibre insulation and a plasterboard skin.

There is also an area of flooring that needs to be replaced due to rot, again, this will need to be fixed very early on to avoid the problem getting works (or someone falling through the floor). Our expectation is that we will need to have a contractor fix this.

There is some structural brick work in the middle of this space which we may replace with a wooden pillar if possible.

Stairs to the Attic

The stairs up to the attic are of solid stone construction and appear to be in good condition. 

Stairs to the Attic

Stairs to the Attic from above

We will add a bannister to these stairs to make access a bit easier and safer.

Attic Stairs

Attic Office

The attic is separated into two parts, the smaller of the two is likely to become an office, probably open plan so we can make the most of the available space.

Office Space

Dividing wall and Skylight

The dividing wall in the attic is rough stone and mortar.  We will probably leave it like this for the forseable future.

Attic Wall

TV Room (or Cinema?)

Eventually we would like the larger attic space to become a TV room and perhaps a small cinema. 


A small fridge and perhaps the old stove from downstairs may become features which make the space more pleasant and usable.

Structural Pillars

In the middle of the attic there are two pillars supporting a short wooden beam, this appears to be structural.  

Subject to appropriate advice we might like to replace this with a wooden pilar so it occupies less space and is more visually pleasing,

Attic Floor Repair

There is what appears to be a rather poor repair to the floor in the "office" side of the attic.  This will need to be redone to a better standard.

Attic Floor Rot

A patch of the floor in the attic is clearly rotten and needs to be repaired with priority as it will only get worse if left for too long.