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Software Development

GP Industrial Electronics, Plympton, Plymouth, UK.

  • Industrial EPROM Programmers

  • P9000 series

  • Z80 Assembler


GEC Telecommunications Ltd (Became GPT – GEC Plessey Telecommunications), Coventry, UK

System X

  • OS kernel process responsible for diagnostics of processor hardware

  • Coral (real time)

  • National network infrastructure for the UK, Columbia and China

  • Photo

  • Link

  • Some stuff about the environment. Shared 68000 cpu running UNIX, Print Room, Compiling Hat, 6 hours


Plessey Defence Systems (Became Siemens Plessey Defence Systems), Christchurch, Dorset, UK

  • Embedded line card firmware development on 8051 / 8088

  • Communications protocols. DTMP, Loop Discounnect, X.20, X.21, G.703, Loop Groups, Trunk Groups, Eurocom

  • Strategic and tactical communication systems

  • Intel MDS (in circuit emulators). 8” Floppy Disks


Ascom Radiocom

  • Modula-2 / Turbo Pascal / Assembler

  • Special working environment

  • Configuration Management Responsibiliy

  • MPT1327 based PMR systems (waterboards)

  • Slotted ALOAH protocols

  • Native ASCOM platform (Selectacom), MicroVAX as “controller”

  • Dispatcher Terminal, developed in Switzerland (my first visit was a business trip to Bern)

  • BR1661 / BR1845 Train Radio systems (British rail) – Danphone hardware

    • Project Turnaround

    • (early use of) Kanban  - PO, Board, Dailies, Co-located team


Bramble Consulting Ltd

  • 1st January 1994

  • First customer, Danphone, Pandrup, Nordjylland, Denmark (mobile software)

    • To DK for three days to assess how the rest of the system was going, came home a year later

    • Train Radio solution for KTMB, suburban railway system around KL

    • Two teams developing a single solution using two different methods. (docs vs. Yourdon)

    • Learned I am good at people change

  • 2nd Customer: Securicor Radiocoms

    • Moon!

    • MPT1327 based narrow (12.5 KHz -> 5 KHz) band radio Linear

    • Fylde Microdystems

      • 6303 based (assembler)

      • TMS 320 DSP

    • Linear Modulation Technology

      • AM Band split modems – DSP, Pilot tone,

      • Data over simplex radio (buffering – systems design)

      • EFJ – US (emergency services)

  • Last software development focussed job

  • LinkedIn


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