The Building

The house was constructed in 1895 and, from the crest on the front of the building was renovated in 1936. We will take possession in 2020, some 84 years after the last renovation.

When it was constructed the house must have had considerable status in the area.

As we learn about the house, its history and life in Ticino for the duration of its existence we will capture our learning here.  Hopefully we will soon add a list of previous owners of the house and perhaps a copy of the deeds.


We have a few challenges that need to be addressed!  There is nowhere to park a car close to the house.  Some floorboards in the attic need to be replaced and there is not much by way of heating in the property.

The house is currently very cold, however, it has been vacant for some time and the walls are of thick stone construction.  We hope that, once we warm it up and spend time living there we will start to overcome the temprature problem. Santa has also brought us a 15kw space heater which should help the situation.


The house is in a very attractive location and I am sure it will appeal to visitors.