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With the electric railway from Biasca through the St Gotthard, or from Disentis through the Lucomagno, Acquarossa can be reached quickly. The Hotel Terme is located in the middle of a 30,000 qm park which offers a particularly beautiful view in an elevated position free of dust. Garaging for cars and a large car park.


The Blenio valley is located in a north-south direction. Acquarossa has a mild climate, even in the height of summer. Dry air, limited rainfall and the absence of fog are very important factors for our guests in need of care.

The red mud, the local specialty, settles in large quantities. Applied in compresses, baths and mud applications are the best healing method for many sufferings and have always given surprising therapeutic results. The thermal and mud baths, as well as the thermal fountains are located in the building and are under the control of the house doctor.

In every room of the hotel, a quiet and genuine atmosphere will immediately welcome you.

The sport of fishing in the Brenno river, tennis, the game of bowls, the swimming pool in its own park offer a pleasant distraction. The lover of walks will fully find his return, as an extensive network of paths branches off around the hotel. Sunny and shady places invite to a pleasant rest in the truly refreshing mountain air.