Acquarossa Spa (1786 to 1971)

The history of the spa below is a translation of the Italian text from Terme di Acquarossa on the web site.

The spa has been closed since 1971. We understand a project is currently underway for the construction of a new spa. We will add further information here as it becomes available.

The Old Terme
Terme di Acquarossa
Blenio Valley, Ticino, Switzerland.

Acquarossa is located in the middle of the beautiful mountain scenery of the Blenio Valley.  High on the east side of the valley the Reinwaldhorn is the site of the Adula Glacier (3,402 m), on the west side there is  the Pizzo Molare (2,582 m).  To the north the valley extends towards the magnificent plateau of Greina and the Passo del Lucomagno.


The thermal springs of Acquarossa have been known for centuries. In 1786 the first balneotherapy (blaneum is the latin for bath) began and in 1882 when government commissioner Domenico Andreazzi bought the land where the spring is located from the municipalities of Lottigna, Dongio and Corzoneso. With this purchase he also retained the property rights of the springs.

Dining Room

24th July, 1902


In Acquarossa this year, foreigners flock in large numbers: at the Hotel delle Terme there is no longer a vacancy.

Numerous vacationers and sick people rushed to these baths to look for some pure and free air in order to recover their primitive health and then return to their farmhouses healthy and start their daily active life again.

7th August, 1902

From the Acquarossa they write:

Here there is a constant coming and going of foreigners; the Albergo delle Terme is full, as well as the branch and the hotel of the widow Bruni: many bathers are also housed in private homes.

Press Articles from Corriere del Ticino

The current building was inaugurated in 1886. In 1932 the thermal baths passed to the Greter family, who maintained the treatment until 1971, 

A reproduction of a period advert for the Hotel Terme Acquarossa is available.

Relax in the garden
The Outdoor Pool
The Red Water (Acqua Rossa)

The Acquarossa mud belongs to the only natural mud in Switzerland.

In 1945, geological studies have shown that the water from the Acquarossa springs comes from the Pizzo Molare region, that is, from the opposite side of the valley. With considerable pressure, the water is pushed under the bottom of the Blenio Valley towards the Simano massif where, through various sedimentary layers, it obtains its rich mineral content (2600 mg / l).

The water only deposits the red solids on contact with air.

The treatments in Acquarossa included:

  • Water-based treatments to drink in case of circulatory disorders and anemia

  • Baths and mud applications in the case of rheumatic diseases, muscle inflammations, skin diseases or gynaecological disorders

  • Inhalation treatments


The springs discharge 200 litres per minute at a constant temperature: 26 degrees Celsius.

The Red Spring

Description of the treatments in the Hotel Terme Acquarossa from a hotel brochure.